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25.10.2004 The main page has been modified and changed a design. On site has been added new categories Post Cards and Order Portraits. The category "Exhibition" was renamed to Graphics. Welcome! And I hope you will get pleasure from visiting my web-site.

14.08.2004 Welcome to new site of my animals pastel drawings!

21.04.2004 Here the link page with my own web-projects.

20.04.2004 In "Charity" have been added a page They find new home - info about pets, which needing your help. Please, help who can!

19.04.2004 Some new sites of animal-artists in "dogs in fine art".

09.04.2004 Welcome to my site "Dogdraw" in new design!
On site has been added new categories (one of them about homeless animal charity), new links devoted dogs in fine art, and my new drawings of collie, sheltie, and another kinds of dogs. My creation I dedicate to memory of my lovely dogs Dolly and Erly.


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