The precedent with closing the shelter for homeless cripples dogs and cats in Moscow some week ago push me to begin the action for help homeless, unhappy animals. Sorry to say, we live in country, where its possible, where indifference and soulless to defenseless and help-needed animals somebody estimate as normal "human" attitudes.
I know and feel, that people, who always already to help are more. "Your kindness will be return you by kindness".
First fee, with your helpness for saled my drawings, I have done in Shelter for homeless animals "ECO". Thank You! Even its a one drop in the sea, possibility, this drop will save although one animal. I continue my action of sale the drawing benefit for shelters. I will glad and thank of any your support. Also I write they address and phones.
You also can help they. Besides us, nobody cannot help they.
They find new home - they waiting for you, new owners. They need your help, your love and your warm.
Homeless animals shelter "ECO"
Pervoy maevki alleya,7, Moscow, Russia. (near subway station "Ryazanskiy prospekt").
Phone: (095)374-70-09 (Angela Bogacheva).
Homeless animals shelter "Alma"
Phone: (095)361-46-29 (Ludmila Vasilyevna. Please, call about dogs, visits, etc.)
Phone: 8-916-623-9679 (Julia, webmaster. Please, call about information support, organization points, etc.)
Homeless animals shelter "Sunny" ("Solnyshko")
Phone: (095)706-49-53 (Veronika Nikolaevna)
Homeless animals shelter "Laika"

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